Design solutions based on creative technology, data and custom-made tools. For brands, agencies and cultural institutions.

we do:

algorithmic visual systems
custom project-specific tools
motion design
video art

generative art
interactive websites
data-powered design systems
consulting about tech in design

Our work

Generative January. Collaboration with Type Today

A series of typographic videos commissioned by Type Today type foundry. As part of the collaboration, Anatoly was required to post typographic videos on Instagram for 31 days using fonts from the Type Today collection. In the series of works, created entirely through programming, Anatoly tried to unfold the potential of creative coding in type animation and interactivity. The project was awarded the TDC69 Certificate of Excellence in 2023.

Anatoly Grashchenko
Daria Litovchenko

typography animation sketch typography animation sketch typography animation sketch typography animation sketch typography animation sketch

AI Serenade.
Promo for CoFo Sona Typeface

Upon receiving a commission for a font promo from our friends at Contrast Foundry, we immediately knew we had to create something unique. The font was given the beautiful Armenian name Sona, which inspired the idea of crafting a serenade! Artificial intelligence composed the lyrics, music, and even performed the song, while motion designer Liubov Sokolova created a genuine karaoke clip. Sing along!

Creative and art direction:
Anatoly Grashchenko
Lyrics, music, performance:
Artificial Intelligence
Motion design:
Liubov Sokolova

Motion Visual Identity for Studio VEH

Studio VEH, specializing in creative direction and execution related to brand strategy, brand identity, and brand communication, commissioned us to create a generative motion identity for social media and presentations. The outcome of this collaboration was a suite of four code-based tools designed for video generation!

Design, coding:
Anatoly Grashchenko

Studio VEH team:
Creative director:
Franziska Veh
Art director:
Lind Haugaard

Generative Graphics and Web-tool

MovingLayers, a Vienna-based company, transforms raw geographical information into dynamic and immersive visualizations to help businesses make informed decisions, uncover hidden patterns, and better understand the world around them. At the invitation of our partner, Studio VEH, we developed a web tool for MovingLayers that allows for the creation of static and animated graphics based on maps for all communication channels.

Branding and identity design:
Studio VEH
Creative coding:
Anatoly Grashchenko

Cumulus Conference 2020 Visual Identity

The 2020 Cumulus Conference, hosted online by three Russian universities, explored the role of design in addressing multidirectional development challenges amid the COVID pandemic, promoting global exchanges on design thinking's potential to help society adapt, under the theme 'Design: Vertical & Horizontal Growth'. The visual identity was crafted through a computer algorithm, generating growing shapes and intricate forms to visually represent the concept of growth inherent in the conference's theme.

Design, coding:
Anatoly Grashchenko

Cumulus visual identity Cumulus visual identity
Cumulus visual identity Cumulus visual identity Cumulus visual identity